Rental Information

The rental information contained here is for reference only. The full Terms & Conditions are contained in the Rental Agreement (a copy is available upon request).


All rates are subject to change without notice. They include maintenance, oil, VAT, insurance and roadside assistance cover.  Fuel is not included.


The full cost of the hire is taken at commencement together with an appropriate deposit depending on the vehicle type. Payment can be made by way of credit or debit card.


Must be notified prior to extension & payment taken at that time. Vehicles not returned within the specified time will be deemed to have been stolen. Appropriate recovery steps will be taken.


Vehicles are fully insured where our cover is taken. This cover does not include damage or loss of the following; windscreen, overhead damage, interior damage, damage to wheels, trims, tyres, aerials & mirrors, missing tools, accessories etc... Our insurance cover carries a non-waivable excess.


Cars & Minibuses are supplied with a full tank & should be returned full. A surcharge will be imposed if we are required to refill the tank. Commercial vehicles are supplied with approximately one quarter of a tank & we expect them back in the same state. A charge will be made should we be called out to empty tank or wrong fuel type situations.


Drivers must be between the ages of 21 & 70 (25/70 on Minibuses & certain model cars). Endorsements accepted only at the discretion of our insurers. Drivers will also need to have held a UK licence for a minimum of 2 years.


Can be arranged for an additional fee. No vehicles may be taken outside of the UK without prior permission & that includes Northern Ireland.


All such costs are the responsibility of the hirer as are making payment arrangements. Should we receive a Congestion Charging fine it will be returned to the appropriate authority with the hirers details and a handling charge will be made by ourselves to the hirer.